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What is InstaCoin?

InstaCoin(INC) is payment instrument for InstaPay’s QR code-based O2O mobile payment Platform Application, e-Commerce Application, Game Platform Application, MBPP Platform Application, etc.

Where is the Company registered? (Where is the office located?)

We have founded Startup Alliance LTD. for issuance and ICO of InstaCoin. Startup Alliance LTD. is registered in Singapore(Registration number: 201820444C).

What is the price of InstaCoin?

1 ETH = Base 3000 INC (Please see Schedule 1 on Terms of Sales for more details.)

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept ETH. Institutional investors(and certain other investors as permitted by the Company) may make payment in fiat currency.

What is the maximum supply of Coins ?

Our maximum supply of Coins are 1,000,000,000 INC, with 1,000,000,000 more INC reserved.

What are your Hard Cap and Soft Cap?

Our Hard Cap is 100,000 ETH, which includes 25,000 ETH for Pre Sale.
We do not have a soft cap, as our first platform application is already developed.

How do I purchase InstaCoin?

You can get InstaCoin by clicking ‘Buy INC’ button on our website After you click the button, you can also download a detailed instruction pdf file.

When will the Coins be distributed?

You can get your Coins on InstaPay App(mobile Wallet), our first Platform Application, once it is launched after Pre Sale(date to be determined). Not ERC-20 compliant Ethereum network tokens

How do I receive Coin I’ve purchased?

To help you understand, we have created a short tour at “Get Started” on top right of the page. You can sign up on InstaPay mobile app and receive your coin, once the app is launched prior to Crowd Sale on August. Please take the tour for instructions.

When will InstaPay App, InstaCoin’s first Platform Application, be launched?

It will be launched on August, along with coin distribution.

Can I only purchase Coins with the registered Ethereum Address?

Yes, you must use the Ethereum Address you’ve registered earlier to purchase Coins.

I’ve already purchased Coins. How do I purchase more?

First, send your payment to our Ethereum Address from the Ethereum Address you have already registered. Once you have completed the payment, you can simply put in your registered email and Ethereum Address after clicking ‘Buy INC’ button(as you have done earlier). This will let you skip directly to step 4, where you can enter TxHash(a long string code transaction ID which can be found in your Wallet next to the payment). Make sure you click the ‘Submit’ button in order to complete your transaction.

When and where do I view my transaction information?

You can view your transaction history on InstaPay app once it is launched. Prior to the release, you can only view it on your Ethereum Wallet.

What happens if I sent the wrong amount of ETH?

You will receive the amount of Coins that corresponds to your payment. We CANNOT refund any extra ETH you’ve sent.

Are there minimum and maximum contribution amounts for Pre Sale?

The minimum contribution amount is 0.1 ETH, while there is no maximum contribution amount for Presale. There will be a maximum contribution amount in Crowd Sale.

How long is the lockup period for your team and advisories?

To provide coin sale participants with opportunities to exit, as well as to maintain the price, we require at least 1 year to 3 years of lockup period.

Do Coin sale participants have any lockup period?

Yes. Depending on when you participated, there may be one to six months of lockup period after Coin is listed on secondary market. Earlier participants will have shorter lockup period.

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